About Pop Culture Pins

Welcome to Pop Culture Planet. My name is Mark and I have been a pop-culture junkie for as long as I can remember. I love old cartoons, comic books, superheros, cereal boxes, old TV shows and movies. I also love vinyl records and have been an avid collector for many years.

Back in the 80's, while working in a record store, I started collecting buttons. It started out with a few here and there to wear on my Levi Jacket (I told you it was the 80's right?) After a while, I had dozens and dozens and then soon it became hundreds. I'm not sure, but I always considered the 80's to be the unofficial heyday of pins.

As a result, I thought it would be a lot of fun to offer pin/button sets to other collectors, so Pop Culture Pins was born (pretty dramatic huh?).

After selling online for a while, I decided to broaden my horizons as they say, and began adding t-shirts and hoodies to my pin/button business.  At that point, the name was changed to Pop Culture Planet.  

I don't design every shirt on this site but I do design most of them. The shirts that I offer are printed by SunFrog shirts, who I consider to be the absolute best in the t-shirt business. They only use high end Gildan shirts and their screen printing is top of the line. 

I am always adding new items so I hope you'll come back again.  Thanks for visiting my little piece of cyber-space today and I hope to see you again.